I'm an Anime and Manga Otaku since I was seven and still am. For years, I've been wanting to morphed myself into a character in my favorite anime,crazy right? LOL.
Books are the second to my addiction (anime comes first). They let me live in a parallel world where I can get to be who I want to be.
Sweets,cakes and even pastries are my life. I indulge myself in eating these when I'm down since they help lift my spirit up. But I can't eat too much since my tonsils are super sensitive.
I want to travel. If not the whole world, then I settle for Paris, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, London, New York and UK. I've got lots of places I want to visit but these are my priority.
The shade of blue is what you can see in my wardrobe. If not all, most of my stuffs are blue. I'm a fan of that color because it's soothing,
I want to learn at least three to five different languages (dialects can do).

This is a multifandom blog with high doses of anime and manga. Maybe with some random posts but you'll rarely see it.

I would love to meet other otakus like me from around the globe so feel free to message me, okay? ^____^
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